Very bad experience with E-Mail and Support


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Here is my story, I have more than 3 years with Knownhost now.
I have been having always problems with E-Mails. Every time in a month clients call me saying that they have a problem connecting and trying to download emails, I open a ticket every single time. And every time I get a response that everything seems to be working fine. But its NOT!
Ive lost more than 5 clients for this problem along the way of 3 years. (Also Ive got many more).
My only concern is that, Why Support says everything is ok when its not?
Clients are trying to send and receive emails but they cant. Its obviously that there is something out of order and the duty of the Managed Support is to check deeply. Because we as clients depend from you Knownhost.
I kindly ask for a deep scan and Heroic support on my VPS to see what is happening. If its my IP then change it, put order and fix everything so clients do not have any problem anymore.
If I need to buy a SSL then tell me and I will do it.
But please support I need a little professional attention on this situation.
Thanks in advance.
Hi rodvan,

In the ticket you have submitted you can ask that they look further. Although if they have checked the log files and do not see any errors or anything like that then it would certainly appear as though everything is ok.

Do you yourself have problems connecting and downloading emails? If you do is there an error message that you get?

You kind of make it sound like it's only some of your clients that are having this problem, is that true? If there were, indeed, a configuration problem with your server then all of your clients would be having a problem. Which would lead me to a configuration problem in their email client (ie: Outlook). For instance if they were checking their email too frequently the system might put a temporary block on their IP however you should receive an email notification if this is the case.

As Dan said anytime you feel something is getting over looked always ask for a ticket to be escalated and one of our Shift Supervisors and/or upper management will personally investigate your ticket to do the best we can to resolve your issue.

If your still having difficulties please feel free to message me your ticket ID and I'll personally look into this for you.
If you have security software such as configserver firewall running on the server that detects email login failures, it's possible that could be causing connection issues. For example, if a company is using a shared IP address and one of their computers has an old non-existent email setup and checking or a correct email with the incorrect password, the firewall could detect multiple failed login attempts and auto-blocks the IP address for a period of time due to it looking suspicious. There's a log you can usually check when the issue is occurring to see if that's the case.

What troubleshooting have you done? When a user cannot connect to check mail, can they see the websites on your server in their browser as well. If they can't, but you can, and they can see other off-server websites, it points back to a possible firewall or brute-force detection blocking of their IP by the server as a good place too look.

Also, if you do have these security tools in place, be sure to configure them to send email alerts for the various triggers to the server's root account which should be configured to forward to your address. This way you would received email notifications when IPs are blocked and for what reason, which will often indicate which specific email account is causing the issue if that ends up being the case.

So, just something to be thinking about.
You may need to adjust the settings in "Service Configuration » Mailserver Configuration"
You may want to look at the settings for:
Maximum POP3 Connections per IP
Maximum IMAP Connections Per IP
Maximum Number of Authentication Processes

Dave G
You may need to adjust the settings in "Service Configuration » Mailserver Configuration"
You may want to look at the settings for:
Maximum POP3 Connections per IP
Maximum IMAP Connections Per IP
Maximum Number of Authentication Processes

Dave G

Hi Dave. I having the same issues as the OP. A lot of clients get the Prompt on Outlook all the time and they can access their email. I notice that this happens most on the early morning when they arrive to their offices. So i guess my server need some new configuration on the 3 topics you are refering on your post.

I actually have this parameter on my server:

Maximum POP3 Connections per IP = 3
Maximum IMAP Connections Per IP = 20
Maximum Number of Authentication Processes = 50

What would it be a better configuration for my server???

Thank you in advanced.
You don't say if your customer is using POP3 or IMAP but I would up the "Maximum POP3 Connections" to a minimum of 5 and maybe go to 10, think of it this way if your customer has a office of 8 people and they, by chance, all login to get there email at the same time and they are on 1/the same IP well you know what will happen.
I would be interested if this helps.
Sorry about that Dave. I have costumers that uses more than 20 emails account on outlook. POP3 account on the same IP. So yesterday i move some of the parameter on the server.

The configuration was set to this yesterday:
Maximum POP3 Connections per IP = 25
Maximum IMAP Connections Per IP = 25
Maximum Number of Authentication Processes = 100

And today in the morning there were no calls from customers complaining about the mail service :)

Thak you very much for the tips!!!!
You may want to encourage your customers to use IMAP too. Unless they specifically need offline access to email and do not have an IMAP client that supports "offline mode" then IMAP will provide several benefits including:

1. Saves bandwidth since only a small portion of the email is sent to the client until they actually open a message to read it unless otherwise configured.
2. Since the client only gets sent a small amount of data the connections close faster. This means that you can keep a lower connection cap without hitting it as quickly
3. Devices keep a synchronized better compared to POP.
4. IMAP folders are server side and available to all devices logged into that account instead of having to set up mail folders for each device that you receive mail on.
5. The actual POP protocol deletes messages from the server once they are downloaded by the client. This can be changed in your client configuration, but a badly
configured client followed by machine failure (client machine) could lead to permanent loss of data.
6. Most IMAP clients can be configured for "offline" use as well now.

You can disable POP in WHM to force use of IMAP also.