I am currently hosting a vBulletin website at Lunarpages on a shared server, but they are threatening to shut me down for "excessive CPU usage". I've done what I can to optimize, but they are unsatisfied.

I have about 150-200 users on at one time. We have about 1,000,000 page views each month.

I have the following questions?

1. Would the VPS L work for me? Is that too much?
2. Can you take care of the migration to your servers? I am a bit of a novice, and I probably would need help.

Thank you.
1) It depends on whether the VPS L offers you the disk space and bandwidth that you need. As you know, with a VPS you can't effect other users on the node, hence "excessive CPU usage" hopefully wouldn't be a problem.

2) They do all that for you :) As long as you use the same control panel (e.g. CPanel) at both Lunarpages and then KnownHost. Just sign up, and then create a support ticket asking for them to migrate things over. Remember, the VPS packages are fully managed :)
Tristan Perry

I think Tristan covered it. :) Thanks Tristan. If you have any further questions let us know. Hope to see you signup.

One other question: Would I be better served by the Texas or California location? Most of my users are in the upper midwest (Iowa and Minnesota).
Texas would be closer so that would be your best option but the new California DC is solid. Both you can't go wrong with but like I said Texas is closer so we would recommend that if most of your users are from there as well.

Thanks for your help!

I've placed an order for VPS Ltx, I'm encouraged that this will be a good solution for my site.