vBulletin Hosting...



I've been looking into knownhost for hosting my forums because of the good words I have been hearing on vbulletin.com and webhostingtalk.com... The current server we are on can barely handle our user base, with page load times taking up to 6 minutes for a single thread. As well, our server load numbers are around 40-70. However, I am a bit confused on my options...

Currently I have a community that is topping off at 250 online users at a time (usually around 100 users, and 150 guests); so thats 250 people browsing in a 15 minute period. We want to put a new forum together and start from scratch. New database and everything. Would the VPS XL plan be enough for us? We want performance, with pages loading under the 2 second standard.

I also have a question, for a vBulletin based website, would we be better of with the TX colocation, or the CA colocation?