VBulletin Email Settings


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I just moved my VBulletin based discussion forum to a VPS server here. I am very pleased the performance so far.

I have one small problem at this time. I was no longer getting emails from my board. Subscribed threads and etc. In the VBulletin AdminCP there is a setting to set the -f parameter. I did that and it seems to be working now but I've never had to do that before.

Is this normal for the rest of you who are using VBulletin on Knownhost or do I have something set incorrectly in the server config?

Mine is sent to no and I didn't needed change any perameters when I moved from reseller to vps (both on knownhost).

Have you enabled SMTP email setting, if yes does it contain the right SMTP server, port number, username and password?
No, I have not enabled SMTP at all. Don't know why I had to set the -f parameter. Hope somebody can shed some light on it.
Must be due to some php configuration since you are using vBulletin’s internal php based emailing system. Best option would be to turn on SMTP based emails, personally I found that if I use SMTP server, emails are sent out faster and with minimal delay.