Vanity Nameservers

Frank Hagan

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I'm currently hosting a few sites for my web design customers and using vanity nameservers set up on small VPS running cPanel's DNSOnly (four nameservers located in four different areas). I'm considering switching to using EasyDNS, BuddyNS or a similar service rather than managing my own. Not that there's a lot of maintenance involved, but I suspect the DNS queries are much slower on my own DNS cluster than if I used one of the distributed DNS guys like the above.

I'm looking for recommendations for a service like EasyDNS or BuddyNS that you have used and found reliable and easy to work with.
At the risk of looking like I'm talking to myself, I'll comment on my solution I implemented this week.

I upgraded my VPS after disk space and some brute force attacks on some of my client's sites. After the upgrade I started looking at DNS service options. was my choice, as I can get distributed DNS for up to 50 domains for $7 a month, and they have a cPanel plugin that simplifies the set up. I went with that plan and moved one of my name servers to the BuddyNS IP for their NY server, then removed that server from my cPanel DNS cluster. That worked OK.

I shot off a ticket to Support to ask if I could easily make my VPS one of my name servers. They gave me some tips, got back to me right away and acted like KH support always does.

I now have a name server on my VPS here, and three provided by BuddyNS (NY, CA and TX locations), and I'm paying less than before. I transitioned name servers one by one, waiting a couple of days between them to make sure all zones were synced. BuddyNS handled my one support ticket quickly and did what they said they would do -- the same day. So I would not hesitate to recommend them.

For those of you who do not need "vanity DNS" with name servers that are branded, you can use their services for free (but only up to 300,000 queries a month instead of the 3 million queries you get the paid plans).
Hi Frank!

I've been using BuddyNS for backup DNS for a number of years now and have been totally happy with them. Glad to hear you're having the same experience!
Thanks, Dan! I think I first heard of them here on this forum when I first signed up and was looking at other options. It may have been one of your posts, so thanks for that.