Using more than one shared IP in cPanel/CentOS?

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  1. petersconsult

    petersconsult New Member

    Is there any reason not to 'hack' cPanel to allow the use of more than one shared IP address?

    It would really make my life a thousand percent easier if i could set up 2 or 3 of my IP addresses as shared IPs so i could group clients' sites on the same IPs...

    Also, does anyone know the precise process to turn a dedicated IP into a shared one?
    i found this page, but it seems you can set an IP as 'reserved' right from WHM in 'Show/Edit Reserved IPs', and does reserving an IP automatically make it a shared one?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..
    Be Well
  2. WBW

    WBW New Member

    One way would be to create reseller accounts and use WHM to set each one to use a default shared IP. You'd then set up or assign accounts to one or the other reseller, giving them the shared IP associated with that reseller.
  3. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    The reseller method mentioned about is the only supported method of accomplishing this.

    Reserving an IP will prevent cPanel/WHM from using it at all.

    To change a site's IP in WHM you can use the "Change Site's IP Wizard". The wording of that may have a changed a little but you should be able to find it.
  4. petersconsult

    petersconsult New Member

    Thank you so much you two!!!
    Just fyi, here's what i did:
    - i created a 'blank' reseller account using the process outlined on this official doc page
    - Removed any creation privileges for that account -- could i remove all privileges??
    - Assigned a free IP to that account in 'Resellers' --> 'Manage Resellers Shared IPs' in WHM
    - went to the 'Account Functions' --> 'Change Sites IP address' in WHM and proceeded to share an IP for several related accounts

    That was exactly what i was hoping for!
    Thank you again!
  5. Yagami

    Yagami New Member

    In my VPS cpanel, My primary IP is currently a shared IP, with 3 associated domains (3 cpanel accounts) in it. My secondary IP is the dedicated IP and currently only has 1 associated domain (1 cpanel account). Before, I wanted the primary IP to be a dedicated one and the secondary IP as shared. But I was not able to do it since the default setting is the reverse.

    So now all my IPs are currently in use and I can only add additional domains to my primary IP. I want to transfer some of the domains in the primary IP to the secondary IP, but it is currently dedicated. Will the reseller trick mentioned above work for me to make my secondary IP as shared? In other words, none of my IPs will become dedicated any more? And will this reseller trick cause downtime?
  6. petersconsult

    petersconsult New Member

    It would absolutely work..
    All you need to do is free up whatever IP you want to turn into a shared IP by using the 'Account Functions' --> 'Change Sites IP address' in WHM to temporarily assign the domain that is using it to the main shared IP, convert the dedicated IP using above process, move the site back to that IP, and move any other site you want to that IP too...
    No downtime, though you do need to pay attention to your DNS entries once you've moved the domains to your new 'shared' IP, like spf TXT entries, if you have authorized the previous IP address..
    That's basically what i did..

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