Using magento with your shared hosting?


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We are thinking about signing up to hosting with knownhost and starting with the shared hosting option to build a Magento store. As the store traffic grows, we would be looking to then upgrade to a vps and so on. So my questions are, will the current version of Magento Community Edition 2.x work with knownhost shared hosting and when time comes to upgrade, will that be a seamless option?
Hi @jimbob123 thanks for reaching out to us!

So Magento will absolutely work on our shared hosting platform. Magento its self can be a very heavy application so as your store grows and you add more products you can either look at moving to our reseller line which gives more cpu/ram as a stepping stone or up to our VPS product line as well.

Migrations are fairly straight forward to handle. When moving between platforms they do require a nameserver change but we can work with you on that and pre-set the TTL values of your dns fairly low prior to the change to help speed things along with the swap between servers.

If you've got any other questions please do let us know!