Using DNS clustering in cPanel


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Hi Dan, thank you for the welcome back.

I should of said I want to offer space on the other server for shared hosting, but not actually selling off the whole server in one, apologies for the confusion.

I have now got the whole DNS setup done and all seems to be working correctly.
Although I did contact Support and they did offer to perform the setup on my behalf, I really needed to learn the correct way to do this for myself as there will be more Servers added into the cluster down the road.

In the end it turned out to be pretty straight forward and easy to do, I added the following A & NS records in all DNS Zones on first VPS:
Second Servers hostname > Main IP address of second server
ns3.mydomain > IP address of ns3
ns4.mydomain > IP address of ns4
Then added NS records on first VPS so they looked like:
ns3.mydomain > hostname of second server
ns4.mydomain > ------- same as above --------
I did that with all DNS zones located on the 1st VPS

Then I did the same on the on second VPS but to point to the first VPS so they looked like:
First Servers Hostname > Main IP Address of first server.
ns1.mydomain > IP Address of ns1
ns2.mydomain > IP Address of ns2
Then added NS records on second server so they looked like:
ns1.mydomain > hostname of first server.
ns2.mydomain > ------- same as above --------

After doing that I then went to Cluster/Remote Access section in both WHM's CP and first clicked on Setup remote access key then Configure Cluster.
Upon reaching the Configure Cluster page I then selected Add A New Server To Cluster then added the details of the other servers and pasted the remote access key I left the DNS Role as standalone to start with.

After adding the servers to the cluster then I went back to Configure Cluster and under DNS Clustering clicked Enabled on both servers after reloading the page I left everything at the default value.

The final step I preform was to change the DNS Role from Standalone to Synchronize Changes on both servers.
I did notice a slight load increase for around 20 minutes following enabling Synchronize Changes but this soon eased back off and wasn't higher than 0.50.
One other step I did was just to go through each DNS Zone to make sure everything looked correct and it did.

Thought I would add a simple and very basic guide to what I did to hopefully help others that may not know, hopefully if I have missed any steps or something important Dan or another team member of the KH forum/Support can add to it.

Anyway thanks for the reply Dan.