Uses for VPS?


McDonald's Drywall Expert
Hey, so I've been using a VPS for a while now and it just dawned on me that I haven't been using it for much of anything at all. The only thing I use my VPS for right now is file storage/transfer and *very* small sites I am hosting free for people. I don't have any money to start a webhosting "business" and the market is already oversaturated IMO. It's not that I need to make money to pay for the VPS, I get enough money to most of the time, it's just that I can't justify spending the money unless I'm using it for a legitimately satisfying reason. If I was hosting a few important sites, that'd be cool because then my VPS would be serving at least a decent purpose.

So what uses could I use it for that are not webhosting-related? What do you use your VPS for that is satisfying to you? Also, I'm sure some of the KH employees have a VPS that they use for something or other, what do you use it for? ;)

I am just looking for some suggestions so please feel free to comment with anything you'd like.



Time Lord
Perhaps you could set up some kind of community site for your local area. I don't know what you could really do for you, but I know I've been trying to see what things in my community can and cannot be found online and am planning to take advantage of some gaps I see. :)