Upgrading VPS package


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I'm curious to know how much does an upgrade of package affect my VPS?

For example, if I were to upgrade from VPS L to VPS Triple X, would my VPS be moved to another server or does it stay where it is?

I am extremely happy with my VPS's performance.


This will depend on the load of the physical server where your VPS is located - if resource usage allows to upgrade the VPS w/o moving it to the different server, then it won't be migrated. However if new resource allocation will result in node overcommitment we will move you to another machine where all your new limits can be supported by the physical hardware.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Any chance vz07 would allow for the resource allocation of such an upgrade?

vz07 and I have developed such a nice relationship - I'd hate to have to leave her. :)

vz07 can handle such upgrade at this time - we may need to review this again at the moment when upgrade order is placed as somebody else may want to add resources between now and when actual upgrade will be performed