Upgrading to Apache 2

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by stormrider, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. stormrider

    stormrider New Member


    Are you already upgrading to Apache 2 or Apache 2.2? Did you noticed any performance change?
  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Howdy Stormrider,

    I have upgraded to 2.2 and talk about it a little bit in this post. Overall I would say it's been a very good experience. Although if you take a look at Cpanel's forums that's not always the case.

    Any other questions or anything let us know :)
  3. stormrider

    stormrider New Member

    Hello Dan,

    Thanks for your answer. I have started to upgrade Apache on my VPS but i have seen on EasyApache that PHP 4 is not recommended to run with Apache 2.

    Do you know something about this? Why isn't it recommended?
  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hiya Stormrider,

    The only thing that I can figure is that PHP 4 is close to being deprecated so they're trying to get people to upgrade to PHP 5.

    Functionalitywise so far as I know there aren't any problems. Matter of fact if you didn't notice you can actually run both 4 and 5.

    You may want to take a look around Cpanel's forums for further information.

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