Upgrade MySQL to MariaDB


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Hello all,

I have recently been receiving warnings about cPanel not being able to update due to the MySQL Server version being out of date. I was on version 5.5. I updated it to the MySQL 5.6 release and cPanel updated successfully.

However, the MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade link suggested upgrading to MariaDB 10.3. I have been doing some reading and was wanting to know the consensus whether I should attempt it or not. As a side note, I honestly don't know what I am doing and I have been trying to read if I will have to change anything before doing so.

All of my PHP scripts are using simple MySQL queries using mysqli. If I understand correctly, my queries, mysqli, and tables should operate in MariaDB seamlessly.

Any advice to what I need to do beforehand and any suggestions on the path to MariaDB 10.3? Secondly, will I see any benefit to upgrading to MariaDB? Better memory management, speed, etc.


In simple terms I'd recommend the upgrade. We run MariaDB on all of our internal stuff and it's great.

MySQL did pretty good in 5.7 - I've yet to try 8.0 but MariaDB has my attention for now. They're doing great things!
Yeah, the upgrade is quick and easy, you likely won't even notice any change at all. Queries and functions all work the same. The only issue I had was with a single table that I had special permissions on, it defaulted it back to the account having full access, but besides that no problems at all with any WordPress, Woo Commerce, OpenCart, and many custom developed programs.
The only caution I have is to be aware of SQL Strict Mode and how it affects your databases.

We've had some users upgrade on their own and then come back because their database queries do not confine to the strict standards of MySQL 5.7 or MariaDB 10.3

Something worth checking into -- if it needs to be disabled, it can be done so via the /etc/my.cnf.