Upgrade from resellter to VPS


SHADO Operative

I'm looking for other users that have upgraded from a KH reseller plan to VPS. I know reseller hosting is 'advanced' shared hosting and the server I'm on seems very stressed out. I am considering a managed VPS to improve performance and uptime, I don't really want to have to manage the server much.

Specifically my questions are:

When you upgraded what was your overall experience?
Did you find your sites more difficult to manage?
How long were your sites down during the transition?
Any recommendations or suggestions before starting?

Thank you all for your help. I can't say I'm impressed with my servers performance. KH support has been somewhat helpful with my support requests and I understand that with shared hosting I'm at the mercy of the other 300 or so sites on the server. KH customers are very impressed with their VPS which is one reason I'm considering the upgrade.

Mike the only problem you have to worry about is DNS propagation, which at times can take days. Rest gets taken care of by their support, in fact since the vps plans are fully managed, you just have to do what you did on reseller account and let knownhost worry about rest of the things!