Updating CentOS on the VPS



Are updates carried out automatically via scripts or is it my responsibility to keep CentOS, Apache, PHP, MYSQL and such updated with the latest security patches, maintenance releases and version updates?

If it is my responsibility, would the VPS gurus recommend that I do a full yum -update, as I do in Fedora or would you recommend some other method of selective updating?

cPanel will generally keep the system updated if you leave your update settings as they come shipped with your VPS. It invokes the yum updates for you :)

As far as major version upgrades (ie Centos 5.x -> CentOS 6.x), it does not manage this - and an in-place upgrade like this is never recommended and doesn't work.
Great! I have no plans to add any additional apps or make changes to the update settings, so not having to worry about routine updates makes my life easier.

I have read were some admins don't like automatic updates, because they can unexpectedly break things, but I'm not too concerned about that. It something gets broken, it can be fixed.;)

Thanks, Jonathan.