Updating Apache, PHP and MYSQL through WHM



I have had a vps for about 4 years now and the software is old and I would really like to keep it updated.

I have noticed in WHM I have the options to update through there but having never done this, I am quite nervous so I would appreciate any suggestions.

I run a vBulletin 4 forum so my main concern is not messing that up. I have read that it is not compatible with PHP 5.5 so I need to stop at 5.4.

The VPS is currently running:

Apache 2.2.11 PHP 5.2.8 MYSQL 5.0.96

Appreciate any advice, thanks :)
Hi Sherry,

This is actually very easy to do with the EasyApache utility in WHM.

When running easy apache you always want to start with the "Previously saved config" option, then select start customizing based on profile.

The next page will allow you to select the apache version. next you will be able to pick your PHP version.

Next you get some basic options, some things you may recognize, others you might not, so if its something your uncertain of leave it on the default setting.

Unless you need something more specific (i.e. a particular php module) you can simply tell it to save and build at this point, otherwise you can load the exhaustive list, select what you need then have it save and build.

It will recompile apache wtih all the options you selected and bring you up to date, normally takes about 15-25 minutes depending.

As long as you do not restart apache during this process you won't notice any downtime.
MySQL upgrades are generally safe. I'd say 99/100 of them that I do are uneventfully successful. In fact, if you're on 5.0 or earlier I'd highly recommend it. 5.1 has major performance benefits over 5.0 and prior, and 5.5 has slight performance benefits over 5.1.
ok so far I have done apache and php 5.3.26 and I changed from eAccelerator to Xcache and straight away it feels so much faster :)

Now MYSQL which is what I am most nervous about!
Ok well it's all done now, MYSQL upgrade seemed to go well until I rebooted and hung my VPS. Nicky got it back up and running straight away :) I have just noticed some strange database errors for a post on my forum. I have done a database repair and will get some sleep and see if there's anymore in the morning :)

My forum is noticeably faster.

Thanks for all your help
Ok I just noticed some of the tables couldn;t be repaired and these seem to be the same ones involved with the database errors, When I do a repair I get this for a few of the tables:

"note : The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair"
This is going to be because those are InnoDB tables, which as the error states doesn't support "REPAIR TABLE".
They could have been another type besides InnoDB such as MEMORY, HEAP, or a few others. This is completely normal.