Upcoming changes to legacy MVPS package


Sorry! But confused regarding the upcoming changes to legacy MVPS package? I currently have the MVPS-1 package including cPanel which cost me $34 per month that I pay annually $408. With the upcoming change, 01/01/2022 what will I be paying should I continue as is? How much if I drop cPanel and go with DirectAdmin? Your understanding and enlightenment much appreciated.
>>With the upcoming change, 01/01/2022 what will I be paying should I continue as is?
Depending on the number of cPanel accounts. There are prices in the email from KH.

>>How much if I drop cPanel and go with DirectAdmin?
The control panel price will drop from $5 to $0.
In my case, it looks like the amount will go from $5/mth to $12.25/mth which is a big jump. I'll be switching to DirectAdmin as it seems cPanel pricing will only continue to rise.

Prices from KH email:

The new 2022 cPanel Monthly Pricing will be as follows:
  • cPanel Admin Cloud 5 Accounts - $12.25
  • cPanel Pro Cloud 30 Accounts - $17.25
  • cPanel Plus Cloud 50 Accounts - $24.50
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 100 Accounts - $31.00
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 150 Accounts - $36.25
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 200 Accounts - $46.75
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 250 Accounts - $57.25
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 300 Accounts - $67.75
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 350 Accounts - $78.25
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 500 Accounts - $109.75
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 750 Accounts - $162.25
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 1000 Accounts - $214.75
I will be changing plans as well. Hoping it will not be a struggle learning DirectAdmin but with the ongoing price increase of cPanel, I must initiate the change.
Feel free to play with DirectAdmin to get a feel of things prior to pulling that trigger.

We have written articles covering most features within DirectAdmin:

Should help people get familiar with it.
Definitely have a play & to see if you can stomach the change. I did the switch about 2 months ago after spinning up a small KH DA VPS to try out for a few days with a $1 domain name. After 10 years of CPanel it was a definite jump out of my comfort zone. I had to change something anyway as CPanel was running out of RAM on my legacy 2.5GB VPS and causing processes to crash occasionally, so I took the plunge. To get a new 4GB RAM SSD VPS at a similar price point I had to choose between paying for a CPanel license or continuing to have KH managed support. 2 months on I'm confident my choice of the latter was the right move even though I seldom raise tickets.

I found a couple of minor shortcomings on DA and one major - the rubbish backup systems with no support for Backblaze B2, Amazon or anything other than FTP really. I came up with an alternative solution that works for me (or you can throw a little money at the problem & buy a backup solution from KH).
KH helped me every step of the way through the migration and seemed to have a lot of experience & a well defined process for this, checking my server extensively & communicating clearly with me before each change.

I had a few issues along the way that I didn't know what to do about - each time I just raised a ticket and took a step back, KH sorted them quickly every time. Probably raised more tickets that week than in the prior 3 years!
Thanks for all the info folks. I have decided to take the plunge and move away from cPanel due to ever increasing cost. I have been with KH for 10 years so am very familiar with their fantastic support team so believe this is a move I will ultimately be happy I made. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all.