Up the HD space on the Hybrids (and VPSes)


Great to see the hybrids are available!!!!!

I think though for that pricing the Hard Drive space should start at 60 - 70 GB - The HD space should be closer to what real dedicated servers offer - not asking fro 150GB [though that would be nice :) ] but 70 GB for the starting plan sounds more reasonable.

In addition, any plans to allow for more HD space on the VPS(es) whether as a revamp all together or adding the possibility to upgrade more than 10GB of HD space.
Keep in mind these aren't brand machines as we build them 100% custom so you are basically using Enterprise class servers at an affordable price. We did consider higher disk space but this is what we decided on for now. If you check VPS companies with comparable RAM/price you will the disk space is less in most cases. Sure, these aren't a full dedicated servers but in reality most don't need such Disk Space. If you do it is best to have a dedicated server all to yourself (destined to happen sooner then later). The good thing about Hybrid's are you will not share them with VPS customers (Triple X and below) so your CPU share is larger (density is less on the box itself).

Disk space upgrades are still in debate. We will let you know.