Unsure about the loss of connection



im having differculty accessing the control panel, the support page is failing to load also:

Read through some of the notes about status but unsure if its just my isp or the panel, google and youtube seem to load fine, just my sites and control panel

Network Timeout

The operation timed out when attempting to contact REMOVED.

The requested site did not respond to a connection request and the browser has stopped waiting for a reply.

* Could the server be experiencing high demand or a temporary failure? Try again later.

* Are you unable to browse other sites? Check the computer's network connection.

* Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.

* Still having trouble? Consult your network administrator or Internet provider for assistance.

Your site is up and running which can be checked through any of the anonymouns proxies like http://anonymouse.org//url] I'd ...SP support if you can't access anything in TX
thanks, yeh its well odd...everything seems to be loading fine apart from all my domains, its just been happenin for 50mins now...I'll defo be on the phone to them,...

by the way could you please remove my site url from the post you made, it ends up being picked up on google, its just to avoid nosey ppl who visit me site and projects to know the in's n outs of what I use, the average user etc

Removed from both posts

Thank you

rang my isp btw, its working fine this end now, they screwed up their end
right pain in the ass..

Thought id update that here, just incase anyone read my post thinkn it was the server.