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Hendra W Saputro

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Hellow KH,

Im wondering you provide VPS and Dedicated with unlimited traffic and unlimited space. This could be a potential marketing for us and make a competition with such of bluehost or hostgator.

I hope you have this kind of services :)

Can you provide a URL to a provider that offers VPS or dedicated hosting with unlimited disk space or bandwidth? I want to read the fine print. ;)
I'd also be curious to see the fine print :p

Until there's such a thing as an unlimited hard drive this just wouldn't be good business ;) For shared hosting providers that do it there are innumerable limitations and it's not really unlimited and in those cases we feel it's better to be straight forward with the limits and not try to hide them which is why our shared brand, UberHost, doesn't offer "unlimited" either.
If you go to those mentioned, like hostgator, maybe they give you "unlimited space", but you have an inodes limit, so when you reach that limit, maybe you are using 10 GB disk space.

You have to look, for example, shared Hosting at Hostgator it's 3,96 /month (actually, with coupon, just 1 penny), but their dedicated servers, at 374 / month, you have disk limitation, and bandwith limitation... "Wow!, you are paying 100 times the price of a shared hosting, and they give you less space and bandwith?", nope, unlimited services, it's just marketing.
I'm more interested, and any web host should be more interested, in the level of support offered. Even if HG, or any provider, did offer truly unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth if their support sucks and their down time is for hours and hours is it worth it? The real question is, do you want to save money or do you want adequate service (or in KH's case more than adequate :D)? It's simple business, you get what you pay for.
Hendra you're effectively comparing apple trees to orchards.

Hostgator and bluehost (their 'unlimited' shared services) would be the apple tree. the tree can provide you with a theoretically unlimited number of apples for the duration of it's fruit-bearing life. However nature has it's limits too and you will only be able to get so many apples from the one tree in any given season, and some of them will be rotten ;)

The orchard would be knownhosts VPS and dedicated servers, each of which can hold a fixed number of apple trees based on physical limitations, ie orchard size (hardware spec) and each tree can give you an unlimited* number of apples (* terms and conditions apply).

what you really need to do is compare trees to trees and orchards to orchards. In other words:

bluehost/hostgators trees are cheap.

knowhost doesn't sell trees at all

bluehost/hostgators VPS & dedicated servers - the latter are quite expensive in comparison and I've heard they're not very 'big' (well spec'd)

knowhost VPS & dedicated servers the prices is on a par, or even lower, and the quality is higher...

as PHPaddict points out, technical support is one of the most important factors in this business, and that doesn't mean that no issues ever come up, but it's how swiftly and effectively issues are dealt with when they do arise.

I have experience at all three of these companies, and there's only one I would trust with my serious business. See if you can guess which ;)
Quick one on this for hosting providers in general please, when they say unlimited space, does this mean that a user can store 1000TB of data and not get charged extra for it?
Quick one on this for hosting providers in general please, when they say unlimited space, does this mean that a user can store 1000TB of data and not get charged extra for it?
Chances are very good that you will have violated some part of the plan's terms of service to get to even 1TB of storage space. Chances are also very good that your hosting account will be involuntarily terminated. Two old sayings apply:

You get what you pay for.
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
To prevent future confusion, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread with the following quote:

There's no such thing as unlimited hosting, only straight forward companies who make the limits clear, and those who are sketchy and bury the limits.
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