I am looking to run paid advertising to landing pages hosted on a VPS (potentially yours). Page load times and the ability to handle tens of thousands of hits/day are important.

It looks like all your VPS's use CentOS and Apache but I've read on VPSBible that Ubuntu + Nginx can blow other setups out of the water in terms of speed. Do you offer that kind of setup?

Also, once I sign-up for my server, what steps need to occur after paying before I can get my landing pages live and ready to send traffic to (assuming I own the domain and have pointed it to your nameservers)?
(Same poster)

Also, even if Ubuntu isn't an option, is nginx still an option that you would be able to install for me to work alongside Apache (to handle dynamic stuff) with your VS2 option?

If you order a Managed VPS (cPanel, Plesk, or Directadmin required) we can help install it for you but we don't "support" it. Many of the control panels don't support it so this poses an issue for ongoing support. I can say we do have clients running nginx with a cPanel VPS but it's not something we're involved with directly. All VPS's are CentOS so Ubuntu isn't an option as we find CentOS the best for the control panels we offer.

You'd just need to order then await your logins. Once you receive them you can migrate your data then update the DNS at your domain registrar. It's usually a few hours at most before a new VPS order's logins are emailed out so it's fairly quick.