Two PHP versions?


When I ordered my dedicated server, I asked that PHP and MySQL versions 5.6 be installed. I needed these older versions because my most important site uses an older version of a forum software that only works on PHP/MySQL versions 5.6 or older (I plan to update the forum software, but not at this time).

I was poking around WHM, trying to find out what was installed on my server and I see this:

Currently Installed Packages
Contains Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6, and PHP 7.0

How can 2 different versions of PHP be installed on the server? I don't understand that.

Thanks for that. Are there instructions on how to set up a domain with a particular PHP version, or is it painfully obvious once I add an account or a domain?
Hi eJM,
It is easy to switch to a different php version after setting up an account.
May setup an account and then login to WHM , Access Home->Software -> MultPHP Manager and choose the version you prefer for the particular site. PHP version entries in the .htaccess file under the public_html for the site will get updated when you switch the versions.
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Just not finding "MultPHP Manager" under Home->Software in WHM. What am I missing?

Here's mine. If you can't find it in yours, you might need to submit a support ticket.

Just not finding "MultPHP Manager" under Home->Software in WHM. What am I missing?

Once you c lick on "Software" -- you should see something similar to this


MultiPHP tools for EasyApache 4.

If you do not have these, and you only see "EasyApache 3" listed under "Software" than you do not have EasyApache 4. You will need to be migrated to EasyApache 4 if your system is capable of doing so.

Submit a support ticket for this determination!
If you have EasyApache 3, both EA3 and EA4 will have menu entries. EA4 will only be a notice telling you it's not installed though.

If you have EA4 you will not see EA3 at all.