Twitter Account for Network/Hardware Status?

Sean L

New Member
Hey there,

In light of the TX network issue that just happened recently, would it be possible to have a twitter account that also reports any network and hardware issues? I ask this because I was having issue just connecting to, took me a full minute to finally make a connection with the forums to see if there was an issue with the server. With the twitter account, don't need to worry about having access to the forums, and for those who have a twitter account, they can get a notification by email, on the phone, etc. that there may be an issue regarding their server(s) so they can make sure their own websites get back up properly after the issues have been fixed.

Thanks for reading!
Our forums (here) are hosted in a completely different geographic location on a different network for this very reason. The forums were still down and we posted updates here as we always do.

You can get email notification the forums any time we post in the network issues area too ;)