Tweak Settings/Dormant services


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I'm a new noob here. I've been setting up my server (ssd-2) package, and going through all the WHM settings before I start testing.

I've been researching Dormant Settings this morning and I'm still confused as to the pros/cons of using it, and, if a fella did chose to use it, which would be the best setting, cpdavd, cphulkd or cpsrvd?

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If you don't plan to use the cPanel webdisk feature, you can keep cpdavd dormant. If you don't plan to load cPanel/WHM very often, you can keep cpsrvd dormant. If you don't think you will have many people trying to hack into your cPanel/WHM accounts, you can keep cphulkd dormant.

For what it's worth, I keep cpdavd and cpsrvd dormant, and leave cphulkd as-is.
Thanks, Dion. I was looking at it as a or scenario. Your info clears things up. I guess those 3 empty check boxes would have been a good clue!