Transferring nameservers only help


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I am really regretting not transferring my domain name to KnownHost intially, seems like the process would have been easier. I'm new to VPS and need help setting up.

I've gone into WHM, setup a package and account accessible by cPanel, as well as assigned the IPs to the nameservers instructed in the email I received from KnownHost. Now I'm trying to get my domain to point to these new nameservers, but every time I try I get the error: Nameserver [] doesn't exist at the registry.

I've heard .org domains and others besides .com/.net take longer to process, but I'm guessing that isn't the case. Have I missed a step in registering the nameservers? They work when I access them through their IPs (I get the Congrats Apache page), but not through the nameservers, though I suspect that wouldn't work anyways.

I'm anxious to get my site on the VPS before my old host goes nuts over the CPU usage I'm using while I transfer. Any and all help would be very appreciated!
Hi bm813,

To get this resolved you'll need to register your nameserver names with your domain registrar. Try to search through your registrar's FAQ/KB for information about nameserver registration process with them and get in touch with their support if this information isn't publically available on their site.
Hey KH-Paul, thanks for for your help! I looked it up with my domain registrar and found where I can change things. They're asking me for IPs on the following:

I've figure the main ip and the ftp ip are the ones sent in the initial email from KnownHost, but what about the localhost ip? Where can I find that?

It sounds like you're trying to configure DNS records for your domain through your registrar's DNS management functionality instead of registering your own nameservers / pointing your domain at them. Both ways are fine but if you use your registrar's DNS your control panel won't be able to manage your DNS zone and as such you may need to do manual modifications when you, for example, create subdomains. and should resolve to the IP address as per domain/account configuration done in your control panel. should point to
Wouldn't this require a change to the glue records on the TLD servers?

I seem to remember I had to do this when I wanted to make my KH server the authoritative NS for the domain. My domain registrar didn't have the option in the control panel so I had to submit a ticket to them to make the change. Does take a while longer to replicate out than just changing the NS entries on the existing records.