Transfer existing cpanel account and uptime

Have a reseller account with another provider on cPanel

Approx 12 accounts, 2 of which are busy the rest are static page sites.

approx 140GB of BW per month

If I go with a vps with cpanel can knownhost help copy over the existing accounts with users, passwords, email accounts, mailing lists etc. Previously moved them via cpanel backup and hoster restored them to new server.

Given the BW of 140 per month would the calafornia VPSM server handle the load? I'm worried about the 128-512 memory. The busiest site runs wordpress.

Do knownhost have any uptime reports on their vps servers and in particular the latest server given thats the one a new customer is likely to be put on.




KH Sales
Staff member
Hello John,

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. We would recommend the VPS L with cPanel not the VPS M based on your needs. Generally speaking the VPS M with cPanel isn't recommended unless your hosting a few low traffic sites. We can definitely move all your accounts, etc over from your current host at no fee. Once you order and receive your welcome email (if you do) please just open a support ticket requesting migration assistance.

Regarding uptime, please check here. We do publicly monitor all our servers so you can see we take this very seriously. Any further questions let us know. Hope to see you signup.