Tip: Programmatically telling what node you are on


I wrote a little monitoring script that gives me a web page with server stats. One thing it lists is the KH node since I like to know if my VPS's were moved as well as to know when I should pay attention to network announcements.

I use the following php to get the node.

$vz = exec('traceroute -m 1');
$vps = substr($vz,4,(strpos($vz, ".")-4));

Returns just the node name. e.g. "VZ47-WA" or "SSD15-TX"
So this broke. I see a traceroute now does not return what it used to.
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1   (  0.044 ms  0.045 ms  0.038 ms
2 (  0.621 ms  0.627 ms  0.660 ms
3  te2-3.sea-cor00.sea.tierpoint.com (  0.339 ms  0.623 ms  0.617 ms
4  te0-0-2-0.sea-border02.sea.tierpoint.com (  0.899 ms  0.956 ms  0.969 ms
5  six.sea01.google.com (  0.372 ms  0.346 ms  0.328 ms
6 (  0.348 ms (  0.398 ms  0.408 ms
7 (  0.616 ms (  0.661 ms (  0.602 ms
8  google-public-dns-b.google.com (  0.269 ms  0.331 ms  0.319 ms

It used to report the bare metal IP, conveniently along with it's resolved host name which contained the node number. But no more. Does this have something to do with migration? Will it be fixed? How do I now tell what node I'm on?

The first hop out of the VPS has changed to a completely different IP...one that does not report it's host name, I would imagine that has to do with KH. The google DNS server I'm routing to just happens to be the test IP I'm using.
I'm sorry, yea, if the first hop has changed that'd be a change at KH and likely is due to the migrations. Let's wait for someone at KH to chime in and see.
Apparently 177.193.199.in-addr.arpa zone didn't make it to new nameservers we've setup for reverse DNS. We'll get this fixed, thanks for letting us know.
Soon this information will be listed right in the client portal with the rest of the information about a VPS. We're in the final stages of testing a batch of new features for the system which will be implemented in the coming weeks.
This information is now available at https://my.knownhost.com.