Thinking of Moving but MANY Questions.


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We have been on another host for several years. Like many there, we are fed up with the demise of service/uptime provided.

We have nearly 50 customers all involved in e-commerce and specialize in hosting Zen Cart. We try every means possible to contain pricing while providing just a little more than is needed to maintain PCI compliance for all our customers. Some utilize SSL and others do not based on the overall mission of their site. All are small business owners and many travel a rodeo or arts and crafts circuit many months out of the year.
In our present situation, we are using dedicated IPs and separate SSL certificates to meet their (and PCI) needs.
  1. We are using cpanel, whm, and whmcs for billing. We understand that we will need to pay for a new WHMCS license but am hoping the backup from the old site can be used to populate the new license.
  2. Will we need to have dedicated IPs in order to transfer those sites that are currently using SSLs tied to a dedicated IP/site?
  3. Sales is telling me that we can run an unlimited number of domains with cPanel's SNI but, we're concerned that current settings will force us to do otherwise.
  4. Lastly, we are looking at and wonder if this cert (along with cPanel's SNI feature) will allow us to provide PCI compliance with less dedicated IPs and help save these folks some money.
Any thoughts or suggested are greatly appreciated.
I can attest to question #1. I got my new license from KH and then put in a support request with WHMCS and they updates it in my account. I was up and running very quickly. Worked great and haven't looked back. I've been nothing but impressed with KH.

I'm sure someone can answer the other questions for you.
Been with KH for a few months now after using a few other providers for more than a decade, and I'm honestly surprised. The VPS are much faster than anything I ever had before for the same price, support is insanely fast (response within minutes) and they seem understanding rather than the usual indian offshore employees (no offense intended, but never had a good experience with that), I have some peace of mind here that my sites are all up and running smooth that I never had before.

My only concern is if they ever change and go down as I've seen far too many times elsewhere.