Thinking about switching to KnownHost VPS TMX



I have psted this in Webhostingtalk forum and e-mailed J,
Hello All,
As promised in the last post, I have done my homework and checked reviews for different hosts. I have not seen any negative feedback for knownHost and am planning to switch to Their Company. I have chosen their VSP TMX plan for about $28 a month.
What makes me nervous is that the following
Do you offer managed VPS products?
“We consider ourselves a semi-managed VPS company. We will apply Operating system and applications updates for standard applications such as PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc based upon your request. As well, we will help with 3rd party products you want to install aside from the applications we install upon delivery of your VPS. To request 3rd party application installation simply open a support ticket and provide detailed installation instructions.”
I know that this plan is overkill for bandwidth and storage or my web-site and blog but I have had it with shared hosting plans.
:I need to be provided with a forum and have the ability to install multiple blogs such as Wordpress and transfer my Serndipity Blog.
I am not an IT guy and need hand holding, any thought on the matter. I would like to thank you for your help in advance.
PS: I appreciate if a KnownHost guy could answer this too.
You wont regret ordering the service.
I did the same thing as you. Jumped from shared to shared and finally got sick of it.
I went with Knownhost after finding one 1 bad review and lots of good review.. What really impressed me, KH team on other forums answering questions about the service. Normally you see a company post a message and never see a post or reply from them.

Support is nice as well. They seem to deal with difficult question and even the dumest questions(sorry guys, sometime my brain shuts down).

I actually forget when I signed up with them, but I have no plans on leaving.
I was a little skeptical at first myself, and although a little familiar with the basics of linux and obviously hosting in general I'm no pro, more like beginner. I got sick and tired of shared hosting. My sites were down plenty, and everytime I wanted to work on something the server load was so high I could barely login to cpanel. So one day I got ticket off and found knownhost by accident really. Since I've been here a few months now, they had one outage that lasted 1 hour, and from what I understand that was a fluke. 1 hour in 4 months I can live with that! I had at least 3-10 hours of downtime in a shared environment per month, some I swear were down more than they were up.

Some basic linux knowledge would be helpful to help secure your vps. I think they will help you out with that if you ask though.

Once you get the hang of the basics and see the speed and uptime, you won't ever go back to shared. Kind of like when you took the step up from dialup to highspeed internet. You tell yourself you should have did this along time ago and you promise yourself you'll never go back.

Good Luck!! This is a good home.
Well I am a new customer here from south Korea. These people have replied to all my support and installed all softwares I needed So I am very much happy with this service and recommend it.:)