McDonald's Drywall Expert
Hey just curious what theme you guys use for your directadmin panel. Do you use the default (enhanced) one?


Not sure on the "enhanced" theme. We use the default skin you can see on the demo. I assume a different skin is possible but not sure on that.

I use the Enhanced Theme for myself. I have some clients that are only interested in controlling their email, so I have installed the cliomail theme for them.

I've also played around with the Marina theme.

It is nice... tons of bling, but then I went back to the Enhanced Theme since that is what I'm used to.
I think the default theme is enhanced. I use enhanced theme, and I am trying to translate it to Turkish and German, since I have a couple customers, whose native languages are Turkish and German.

I couldn't really find any good themes for DirectAdmins, or I should say better themes than enchanced theme. If you come across a good template for a reseller account, I would be happy if you would share it here.