THANKS for the memories KH...


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I've been a VPS user at KH for the past 1.5 years at least, and I must say, KH support is beyond doubt, the BEST ever and I say this to other people and other hosts too.

But, I'm leaving now, because I have a need to downgrade to Reseller, so it's a cost cutting measure....and it's with a heavy heart that I'm saying goodbye.

Nonetheless, I've always had my support tickets answered at all times of the day or night...and I especially want to single out Jeff and Mike, for their friendly, cheerful support, even in the dead of the night...I can always get answers from these two even for sometimes "silly" questions :)

If ever I need a VPS, I will return to you guys, but on one condition...Mike and Jeff, you guys better still be here! :D

Good luck KH.
They have shared/reseller hosting too. Why not use that instead?

They don't have Reseller, it was phased out earlier this year....

I prefer Reseller hosting, VPS is likely not suitable for my sites. :cool: