Thank you knownhost


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Hi all

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the sales and support teams, especially Luke who tirelessly worked to solve my self inflicted Problems.

As a complete newbie to server management and whm I needed a lot of help getting set up properly and you guys solved my problems quickly and professionally. I was particularly impressed with the fact that I live in Australia and with the time zone difference was surprised that you guys were able to assist me in the middle of the night into the wee early morning your time.

I initially only signed up for one month to test you guys out, but after your service you have scored yourselves a long term customer.

Thank you again

Gratitude is essential, so I also wanted to give a BIG thank you (a bunch of 'thank yous' actually!) to KH Technical Support, Sales, & Billing. The KnownHost service has been exceptional. Mike helped me with a firewall issue, William helped me with SSH information, Joel helped me with a credit card issue, Paul helped me with a credit card issue, and Debbie helped me with another sales issue. Helen and KnownHost didn't give "knee-jerk" reaction to reported 'phishing' from my account, even after no response from me (I had unfortunately got busy with life's issues and ignored my hosting account and websites for about a year and was hacked somehow last July). Paul, Matt C., Brad M. and Luke M. helped me regain access to my Power Panel and WHM, while Debbie upgraded me from my antiquated VPS-Mtx package to a VPS-1. The previous honorable mentions were stretched from Jan 2008 to Jun 2013. If you can't tell, I consider myself a "newbie" as well, even though I've been a KnownHost customer since 2008. You guys have a great team and work for a great company! If anyone ever needs a VPS or dedicated server, I WILL refer them to KnownHost, because you guys know what makes and breaks a company. Prices and quick, friendly customer support & technical support will keep you guys on top, no doubt. Don't change the model.

A satisfied customer of almost 5 1/2 years,


Great! This is exactly what we like to hear. We will certainly only keep improving over the next 5 1/2 years, and on past that!