Thank you from a customer of over 12 mths!


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I just wanted to give some kudos to Knownhost, as they really deserve it.

I have been with Knownhost since July 2006 and have had the same VPS running (XXL with CPanel) that whole time and never once have I had any problems with the server or the support provided.

I've lodged a few support tickets in that time and every time they have been answered amazingly quickly and the advice given has always been useful - something that is very rare with any sort of IT support nowadays.

I've even asked Knowhost to do things that I thought they wouldn't do (like provide a copy of my VPS for me to download and use as a dev image) and they've always been more than happy to help.

So thank you Knowhost - your service and support is unmatched in the industry and I hope the company continues to do well.