Testing out VPS SSD-1 Package


Hey guys,

Some of you may recognize the screenname and avatar from another host. While my server and site have been very stable I'm testing out KnownHost just in case. It's better to be proactive than reactive. It's the responsible thing to do.

I will be posting my experiences here as I know others are looking to change as well.

Hello Chimpie! I'm new here too, came from HG due to so much down time, and so far I'm very pleased. Did you come from another EIG company too?
Yeah, I'm currently with HG... have been for seven years now. I'm testing out KnownHost for two reasons: 1) to be proactive in case I start having problems with my server/sitest; 2) to test out a VPS server.

Edit: Made my purchase at 3:08, purchased approved at 3:19, now I'm just waiting to have the VPS set up.

Once that is complete I will have KH migrate all my sites over, and when that's done and tested, I will be slowly changing my DNS settings and complete further testing.
I had a dedi with HG for over 10 years. I started my web development services using HG. It's like going through a divorce. But ever since EIG came on board it really hasn't been the same. I should have moved long ago. Very happy with the move so far. I've yet to cancel my HG account but will likely be doing so before the weeks is through. Glad they gave me 1 month credit, I used that credit to go towards setting up my KH server, lol!
I don't want this to thread to become a 'hate on HG' thread. I really want it to be about sharing my experiences with KH.

If you want to create a general thread about 'experiences with changing hosts' I'll be more than happy to add it.
Oh' very sorry about that. I get on HG rants easily lately. Please share, I'm interested to know your experiences as well.
Hi Chimpie
Glade to see you here I thinking once you change your DNS settings you will make this your new home.
While it's only been 90 minutes, the wait is killing me. I'm too anxious to start playing around with my new VPS!

So far I'm impressed with KH support. Very quick replies.
If all goes well I will. For some reason the databases didn't move over during the migration process. I'm hoping this was just an error or it's still being worked on.
Just a quick update: My VPS is all set up, changed my name servers, and all of my sites appear to be loading from the new server.

Overall it was a fairly pleasant experience.

Now it's time to learn what all I can and have to do with a VPS.
It's been about 48 hours since I changed my nameservers, and I have to say that my sites are loading about twice as fast as when I was with HostGator.

The learning curve going forward (for me) is learning VPS and all things I need to do to maintain it.
Welcome to KH I knew you would like it.

The learning curve going forward (for me) is learning VPS and all things I need to do to maintain it.

Feel free to ask your questions about WHM/cPanel all will try to help.

As I like to recommend to all new VPS owners you may want to look at ConfigServer Services "cPanel Service Package
and or MailScanner" http://www.configserver.com/cp/cpanel.html to me it's well worth the $150.00US

IMHO it can make your life easier and further secure your VPS and as a FIY I gain nothing from recommending CS.