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I dont' see where to post this, so I'll post it here. I use to host with godaddy (but I have been with at least a dozen others) and I never got good server loads.

Just to show the difference here is an email I sent to godaddy (and most other hosts I've been with):

[FONT=arial, sans serif]"Hi, I am currently setting up my site and I have noticed a high server loads on the server. [Server Loads: 21.97 23.48 : 24.47]. These loads have been like this since i got the website. Can someone please look at the server and fix the problem. Thanks"

Well, they responded, and said it was a problem with vBulletin...which is crap -- and most other hosts I have been with respond the same way.

[/FONT]Well, I have just started with my KnownHost hosting, but look at these server load percentages [Server Loads: 0.73 0.76 : 0.66]...a lot better than 21.97! I will keep updating my stats, but all looks good here.

I will upgrade my account if things continue to go well. And I think they will :)
I moved from a site5 reseller account to gate.com and I am hoping KH is a fit for me and my sites. Gate.com couldn't even get me set up. 4 days I waited. I am hoping I can get a refund from them quickly. :)
Geez. What took gate.com 4 days (well actually, I'm still waiting) was set up in less than an hour. Good stuff!
I jumped from shared host to shared host. Oversellers, slowdowns and outages.. Only explaination was "Our Admins are working on the issue"

I did research and found ASO to come highly recommened. But they didn't any availible.
Along the search KnownHost kept poping up. What really drew me to KH is the personal responces on other forums. (I believe WHT) So I jumped here asked my questions and bothered the staff. Then Signed up..

It's been a few months now, and love the service, speed, and hosing. Fact here is my "SiteUptime" monitor

Since: August 8, 2006
Outages: 1
Total Uptime: 99.967%
Last Check: October 11, 2006 at 8:37 PM PST+2.0

Only 1 downtime, which was explained here on the forums, I was only down a short time.