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  1. MiCarl

    MiCarl Member

    This morning I got an email with the message: The service “tailwatchd” appears to be down.

    It looks like it was sent shortly after cpanel was updated to

    Was this a one time thing or do I need to be doing something?
  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Morning MiCarl,

    Normally the system will try to restart services that fail like that. But you should receive notification of that as well. If you didn't you could check in SSH to see whether or not tailwatch is running and if not try to start it. Failing that a reboot would be the next thing I tried.
  3. MiCarl

    MiCarl Member

    Thanks Dan.

    It is running, and the Startup Log (image in the original post) indicates that it was already running, but with a different path. Anything I should look at there?
  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Nah I'd say it looks like the path changed with the update is all then.

    If you continue to get errors then look more deeply into it but if it's a one off thing then I wouldn't sweat it.

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