Switching to SSD managed VPS


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Hello all,

I've been a customer of Knownhost using VPS-2 hosting plan, which I believe the major differences are HHD and unmanaged. Current server stats are 2.5gb ram, 80gb disk, and 7TB bandwidth (of which I don't use most). I've been very happy with my plan, and with KH customer service!

I'm been winging server management and maintenance as best I could. I'm not really proficient at command line in SSH, although I can often figure it out. I've been starting to wonder if Managed VPS would be good upgrade option for me? I'd like to have more piece of mind in server stability if managed will help provide that.

I only have a few sites running currently, with low traffic, but one of my sites is running scripts that use up about 1.85 of my 2.5GB of RAM. For me to move up to MVPS-1 would lower my available RAM, so I was thinking I'd go for MVPS-2 for a total of 4GB RAM. Does the upgrade seem reasonable, or do I need to dive into why a site would eat up so much? (i.e. scripts, backups, plugins, etc.)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Moving to SSD is always a huge speed improvement, do it!

PS - VPS-2 comes fully managed ;) Just open a ticket.