Switching email client (Outlook 2000) from POP to IMAP


At my business I use an old version of MS Outlook as my email client. It's currently configured to use the POP server.

I've got to where I access the email account from multiple locations and devices, and I have an employee who also monitors the same email account. Life would be much better if the MS Outlook client were using IMAP.

Outlook currently has thousands of emails stored locally. I'm wondering if I switch to the IMAP server what will happen to those emails. Can anyone guide me on whether they'll be lost, remain local or upload to the server?

Hi MiCarl,

They will still be there as they are stored in a PST file on the local hard drive. If you're worried you can always export them to another file.

Processwise you'll have to delete the old account and create another one configured for IMAP though as you can't change the server type once the account's been created.

After that your IMAP email account will show up separate from your inbox and everything as you're then using the folders on the server not local folders.

It's been a while but I seem to remember that Outlook 2010 didn't do IMAP to my liking, you'll have to make your own judgement. I used Thunderbird for a number of years and now use EM Client which I love.

Good luck!
Thanks Dan.

I will be ditching Outlook, especially since running Outlook 2000 after Windows XP is sketchy at best.

One step at a time though. I'll look into EM Client.
Oh Outlook 2k, yeah I would look at some alternatives if I were you. EM Client works well on XP although if you need to use it with more than 2 accounts it's not free. But then again it's not real expensive either.
Well, I couldn't get IMAP to work on Outlook 2000. The folders are still there in case I ever need to go back, but I installed EM Client and will just use that.

Thanks for the tip.