Surprise Office Visit From the Red Bull Ladies


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Red Bull made a surprise stop by the office a couple of hours ago and gave us all free drinks. I managed to get a few pictures as well :) There's always something cool going on around here!

IMG_20140702_105519813.jpg IMG_20140702_105633752.jpg IMG_20140702_105646930.jpg
I'll be the bearded guy in the back right corner. The one day I wear a t-shirt and jeans they show up lol.
No kidding it is! Give us some names to go along with those faces Jonathan!

Guess I can't hide forever...I'm in the front in the grey hat. It was the girl's idea to take a "giant selfie like at the Emmy's" hah.
That's a double nice surprise. I thought you guys were based in PA now? I can't remember for sure, but I think way back when I joined you all were based in Northern VA.
Our support office is in Birmingham. Sales/billing is technically still handled from PA so you're correct there.

You've been around for a while if you remember VA. Glad to know we have some oldies on here with us :)
May I ask, why Birmingham?

The primary reason is because that is where myself and Jonathan are located. Since it's our responsibility to build, manage and maintain the office as well as staff it, it worked out better to locate it here than to relocate and establish it in a different area.
Well...we must have made an impression because they actually did come back just a few minutes ago...just so happens to be the same shift as last time lol.
IMG_20140708_124652627.compressed.jpg IMG_20140708_124713151.jpg
They must have been by this last Saturday too because Brad was ALL over my ticket!

PS: Thanks again Brad!
Hello!!! I think you're right and I'm still here. Everything is great and KH chugging along. I'm not in the AL office however at this time.

Cool, good to know. I remember it was really late and I was shocked when you had the account setup and ready to go within about 10 min. of the order.

Kind of sucks that you miss out on the RB visits though. Tell them they have to video conference you in next time :D