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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by marcacer, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. marcacer

    marcacer New Member

    The support response time is very very very good! my compliments. I have over 22+ servers at KH. You guys are here (within 1 minute, often within 30 seconds) when I open a case.
    I'm also longer then a year with you guys and plan to stay!

    However I also have some servers at other 2 other companies (name not important). The honest reason I don't have all my servers here is the support type offered. If I need multiple websites and need managed support for my websites, I choose my other host. But if I need a vps of 1 website that does not require a lot support I choose KH.


    The big difference is for example:

    Other Host: When I report an issue: They will take care of the issue for me, past it to other support tech till my issue is solved. I just need to tell them what is wrong once and you can see the way they solve the ticket, they are not 'waiting for you'
    Example Response: This was the issue, we did this and the issue was solved. Or I'm passing this to ...that will take care of this for you.
    Or: This was the issue, if I do this, it might solve the problem, would you like me to proceed?

    Sometimes I'm experiencing that the solution is explained to the you (usually in high-level technological slang). Instead of Solved. Example: This is the issue. (done) So I need to reply back: Can you help me with it?..and so it gets an over and over communication. Support just tells you what is wrong, instead of helping/finding the solution for the customer.

    Note: This is only the case when I need support with websites (not hardware)
    For example, If my wordpress or joomla site is not opening means when your site has an technical error, most of the time they tell you what the issue is, instead of solving it.

    For the rest uptime and response time are way better than any other host. I'm just missing the 'best effort' Support when it comes to errors on sites.

    Keep up the good work!
  2. adev

    adev Member

    I'm guessing it's a tricky balancing act for them though. For example I opened a ticket recently about a DNS issue following a mass migration of clients/cpanels/websites from another host. I included lots of technical information so the support staff would be well informed, and ended my ticket posing a specific question along the lines of: have I missed something out in the DNS settings, got something wrong, or do I just need to wait longer for the 'propagation period'.

    The response was that the support technician made some changes to the DNS settings which was the opposite of what I wanted, and I was pretty angry as a result. Of course I politely explained the error and the technician apologised and put it back how it was, and made no attempt to shift the blame to me, so I can't complain with the way in which that situation was dealt.

    The point being, that some people like myself may be effectively asking tech support for their diagnosis, but not to actually take any action until the customer has assessed it all. For me I like to know what is causing the issue so I can learn and be better prepared either next time it happens, or to prevent there even being a next time for that issue.

    Whereas others like yourself will just want an issue solved ASAP and aren't so fussed about the whys and wherefores.

    Another issue I had recently I asked specifically as a result of a critical mistake I'd made for the whole VPS to be restored from backup if there was no other way to get things as they were before I made the mistake. The staff managed to revert things with a few simple commands and no need to restore a backup, and they did so without further prompting from me as I'd made it quite clear from the outset that I was authorising them to do whatever was necessary to revert to the last known working state.

    So it seems they can do both, but I guess they can't always guess which way to go if it's not clearly/explicitly stated in the opening ticket.
  3. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    @adev is spot on! This is one of the most difficult things we deal with. Some customers want a fix yesterday by whatever means necessary. Others want to go back and forth on what needs to be done and aren't in a rush to get things back up without fully understanding what's going on.

    This isn't always made clear to us in tickets and that's where a lot of uncertainty can come from as we don't want to dare touch someones data when that's not what the customer wants.

    The more clear you can be in a ticket about what you want done and how much you'd like for us to check with you before doing something the better we can address your concerns.
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  4. adev

    adev Member

    this is OT, but is it possible to change my username on the forum? I've had a look at the account settings but couldn't find a way to change that.
  5. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    Shoot me a PM with what you'd like it to be.
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  6. adev

    adev Member

    thank you sir!
  7. JoseDieguez

    JoseDieguez Member

    I guess, i am one of the customers, that sometimes wants (needs) that KH, not only tell me what the problem/issue is, and also solve it for me (if possible).

    But i honestly preffer, go step by step, i mean, i have learned a lot, much more asking KH support team, than reading KB's or forums. At the beginning, they were doing my migrations, importing my large db's, and so many stuff, solving every single 500 error, or wordpress blank site, installing my SSL certs, etc

    But every time, they told me "what was, and how could possibly be solved or be done", so i learned that and now, i can do all that stuff by myself (obviusly, i know, if something goes wrong, and/or don't remember the exact steps to do it, i can ask them).

    KH support, for me, is just amazing, i have received personal offers from other companies to migrate my dedicated, (cheaper offers), but only because i already know how the support is here, i keep it here :),

    Oh, also sales, when i want quotes, or addons, they respond properly, quickly, even on weekends (wich is said that they work on lun-fri), they managed an increase of Ram from 16gb to 32gb, in the same day, with just a few hours of notice from my part. (wich also, took less than 10 minutes, great!)

    OT: i guess that, they won't make any changes, without your explicit statement or permission, since every change/command, could also cause another problem, that's why i like the "shall i proceed"?, sometimes, i backup first, or just tell them "yes, please".

    +1 for KH :)
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  8. Skyview

    Skyview Member

    Perhaps you could somehow quantify and identify those two common classes of customers at the beginning of a support request and use that information field response to branch accordingly. Either make it a mandatory field or if not, default to the conservative approach. Just a thought.

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