Support tickets - "passwordless access"?


I've noticed that when entering a support ticket, there's a message on the form that says we no longer need to enter an IP for root unless if we've "opted out of passwordless access." Shouldn't this sort of thing be an "opt-in" choice? Furthermore, I don't see anywhere where we can opt out of passwordless access. Nothing in the Knowledge base either...

Can anyone from KH offer any insight on this? Thanks.
Howdy @jp001 thanks for your question. So this is a secure system that allows our technicians limited and restricted access to your system during the scope of the ticket. We do have a bit of information regarding it here:[]=support&s[]=access#server_access

Since we are a managed service provider this is a critical part of our integration with your services, which allows us to keep a much higher level of security along with restricted and logged access. For the few users who would like to opt out of this, we can do so via our sales & billing department but it does limit our effectiveness to take care of services issues for you and does require you to provide your root password for every request.