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Hey, I'm looking for a system just like the one they use at, except free. The main feature i wanted was it to be integrated with emails, so when sending an email to the email will get piped to the software (and presumably be stored in the database).

Anyone know of any? Thanks.
I'm not sure if this will do what your looking for I think it does, you'd have to check but it's free and well known.

Otherwise knownhost has clientexec or whmcs for like $5 per month. Whmcs is way easier to use in my opinion.

And this site has some similar pay software but it's one time around $30 I've never tried them, but someone suggested I check them out sometime.

Whmcs is supper easy to use and you can download a free 15 day trial from their website.
Otherwise I think knownhost uses moderbill possibly in combo with support suite which is a little spendy.
Thanks for the reply, ive used phpcoin in the past, all i want though is the support desk part, eg. customer asks a question, ticket becomes "open", question gets answered, ticket becomes "closed". Any ideas?
Do you have cpanel with fantastico? I haven't looked at the list lately but I vaguely remember some support systems in fantastico. You wouldn't have to use fantastico to install one, you could always go to the particular web site and check them out frist, and get them directly.

Like I said I haven't looked lately I just vaguely remember some in there.

I'm sure there would be some freebee otherwise somewhere.

Thanks, i dont have it but id rather install them my self anyway. Here's what i found..

some fantastico page said:
PHP Support Tickets (visit site)
- powerful Support Ticketing System to help you help your visitors
Support-Logic Helpdesk (visit site)
Support Services Manager (visit site)
- a powerful system for providing your visitors and clients with
support services

osTicket (visit site)
Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) (visit site)
Help Center Live (visit site)

Hi Jleagle,

Dont go near phpcoin.
I have seen it time and time again - phpcoin installs being hacked.

The support desk is one of the most crucial elements in ensuring a great customer experience. You want reliability and ease of use.

Knownhost uses kayako which while kayako's troubleshooting staff could be a little bit better, the software in my opinion is great and they have a quite helpful forum community.

In my opinion I wouldn't want to cut corners with the support system. I cant really think of any really good free ticket system. You can check out Cerberus which has a free version and though I haven't heard wonderful things about it, it s a decent usable option.

WHMCS with the license from KH is only $5 and happens to be an excellent system(and probably the cheapest).

Hope this helps.

Well i dont need payment tracking, account creation or billing, just support tickets. I decided on eTicket for now, which is basicly osTicket 2.0.

Well i dont need payment tracking, account creation or billing, just support tickets.

WHMCS billing functions can be safely ignored. A simple edit to the tpl template files can "hide" the billing aspects and you will be left with a great support system.