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I will start off with a positive first. We have been customers of yours for over 3 years and have numerous servers with you. Overall, your service has been great. You have several talented staff who we have complete confidence in (Deborah, Amos, etc). When I see that one of our tickets is responded by one of them, I feel like many times I do not even have to read their response because I am confidence they took care of our issue. A big kudos to you fine men and women.

However, recently we have come across a few representatives that honestly cause me to cringe when I see that they have picked up our tickets because I know I am in store for a long and stressful day. I find myself praying when I submit a ticket that certain techs will respond just so I don't have to spend most of my day with the back and forth.

One example being when we were trying to move 8 very small cpanel accounts from one VPS with have with you to another VPS via the WHM migration tool. We were unable to complete the move and were given errors. I sought out support to help me with the migration. It was immediately obvious to the original tech did not have a grasp on the issue but was still trying to resolve it himself with no luck. They "moved" all 8 accounts changing the DNS to the new server. The problem was the accounts had 0 files, 0 emails, 0 databases on the new server and it was marked as solved. My battle with support continued for over 13 hours with non-stop communication with my sites being down the entire time because it was moved incorrectly and the DNS was changed. It was a migration that should have took about 20 minutes at most and it took over 13 hours. To this day I still do not know what caused the issue or how we will get around it in the future because it was never explained to me. I kept trying to escalate it to a more experienced tech to no avail. It was finally taken over by another tech who just manually moved the accounts instead of fixing the root issue with the WHM migration function just to get me to go away. So when I need to move accounts around in the future I feel like I will still have the same issue.

Another example occurred today when I had a problem with a few DNS entries. This was probably the most frustrating because it was the easiest to fix. The technical representative picked up the ticket and assumed they fixed it right away. I had to respond to the ticket 5 consecutive times with the same information and argument. It was an argument back and forth with them for almost 5 hours just to try to get them to read my entire response that had the same information. I assume it was because they thought they actually fixed the issue originally despite ignoring extremely important information that was included in the ticket and didn't bother reading my responses due to that assumption. The ticket took 5 hours to fix the tiny issue, it would have just taken 15 minutes at most if they bothered reading my entire ticket responses.

While a couple of bad experiences does not blemish the years of good experiences we have had with you, it is issues such as these I wish that I had an easier way to escalate to another more experienced representative. With that said, I feel that there must be a better way to escalate tickets to a supervisor or more experienced tech. With the current setup, I feel like I am stuck in a vortex of disappointment when certain representatives handle our tickets. I suggest that there be a button within the ticket system that I can click if I feel that a new representative should look at the issue to make it easier so I do not have to deal with the same representative hours on end who doesn't have a grasp on the issue, ignores request to escalate, or doesn't take the time to read all the information I am providing.

Despite recent episodes where my blood pressure has been taken to new heights, I still have utmost confidence in KnownHost as a whole and I owe a big thanks to the those representatives who have made these past 3 years so much easier on us.

First of all, thank you for being a loyal KnownHost customer! I'd also like to thank you for providing us with some of your feedback.

A simple migration taking this long and still not ending successfully isn't right at all. I'd certainly like to have a look at this ticket to find out what went on here and address it immediately. Can you please provide me with a ticket number on this?

The DNS issue - I know exactly which ticket you're talking about. There was definitely some unnecessary back and forth here on our part due to a simple "brain fart" so to speak. I can assure you that this tech learned from what happened here and feels terribly about having taken so long to resolve something so simple. At the end he actually contacted me and I got him going in the right direction and he was rather embarrassed about the whole thing.

In the event you ask for escalation, the tech should do just that. If this isn't happening please let me know some example ticket numbers so I can address this. Our internal policy is that if a customer requests escalation, the ticket gets escalated.

Again I can't stress enough how thankful we are to have loyal customers like you. I do look forward to hearing back from you and using your feedback to better KnownHost as a whole, especially the support we provide. There's a lot of exciting things coming up that you'll be hearing about in the near future as well so keep your ear open ;)