Support site CSS not working


New Member
Every time I log into my support area, the CSS seems to be having issues. The rest of the KH pages are fine, but support is messed up. The interface is difficult to navigate, and there is no way to save changes to a ticket.

I have tried FireFox, Chrome, and IE with same issue, so it's not a browser or caching issue.

DavidVW, we would love to trouble shoot this issue with you as we have only received sparse random reports of this. If you can consistently reproduce this please let me know so we can conduct further tests.
Sorry, I don't visit these forums much. It looks like they fixed it, which is what I assumed would happen once I pointed it out (as well as others having done so). After visiting the page again and doing a hard refresh, all appears as it should.

Previous attempts using a hard refresh, clearing caches, etc, etc did not resolve, so my guess is that it must have been associated with host page caching or something like that.