Support for My Hosting Customers?

I'm new to the reseller hosting business, have recently signed up for a Knownhost reseller account, and have two questions related to it...

1. KH support has been stellar, and from what I understand, our future reseller hosting customers will have access to the same KH support team. My question is, and especially since we'll be getting customers through our own website, under our own hosting "brand", how will our customers have access to Knownhost support without it being obvious that our hosting company isn't providing the support, but Knownhost is, which could be confusing to our customers (and some may wonder, why not go direct to Knownhost for their hosting needs)? (Please correct me if I've misunderstood how this support issue works.)

2. For experienced hosting resellers, what are some of the best resources you've found or used for success in reseller hosting?

Thanks in advance for any and all your insights on these questions.
Hey, welcome to the forums!

We don't provide support to your end users, that's up to you to do! To put it bluntly, there'd be 0 benefit to us to support your end users directly at the prices of our reseller packages. The idea is for you to support your customers since most of their issues/questions should be along the lines of "how do I do this" versus the server being misconfigured. We support the server's configuration to you.

cPanel University could be a big help! Much of their content is very relevant and pretty well structured.