Support average response time



I'm a KH customer since quite a few years with my $50/m VPS, and I recently opened another account for another VPS for almost $100/m.

I choose KH because of usually rock solid performances and quick tickets response time....but the more time passes (and your user base grows), the more your tickets time is TOO LONG when is about real problems needing someone to login into VPS and look for it.

You post average response time of 1st reply, but this is the third time in last few weeks when I post a ticket (651593) and I'm here waiting since 30 minutes!

I understand you don't want live chat support and live telephone support, but you cannot in any way then allow an email without reply for more than 10 minutes, otherwise as a customer you leave me powerless to do anything with my problem and no one to contact, and no ways to up the urgency of the matter.

Even if you're looking into the problem or trying it, you should keep me, the customer, always updated.

And I already received twice in the past some apologies about peak time, that is really not my problem, if you have a peak you have to assign more resources.

Very disappointed and worried, I'm just moving an high volume store to you, and I need response times of a few minutes to emails, not a black out of 30 minutes!

I do apologize but with varying ticket loads it does take some time to fully investigate and work tickets depending on the complexity of issues.

We do work very hard to provide support as quickly as possible to our customers and work constantly to find a balance for our customers as we are constantly growing evolving and changing. I will review over your support tickets and talk over things with our QA manager as well.

If you experience a critical issue, and it is marked as such when the ticket is opened it does take a higher priority in our system, this is why we ask that all tickets contain a single issue to be worked so that tickets can be categorized and addressed accordingly.
Hi Daniel,

this is a 'non-reply' what you're posting. So I'll update it. I received a ticket reply after 30 minutes when your support DID NOTHING (they asked me root password and said they think I sent it while I specified in ticket that it was the http authentication). This was explanation of the delay from your support:

"I understand you disliked having to wait for a response - but we cannot always get to all customers' tickets the second they come in (some simple stuff we can handle quickly if time permits - other stuff, which requires investigation - like your request - needs to be slightly delayed at times so we can wrap up another ticket to devote the proper attention to it). "

This sounds ridiculous to me...if I have a simple issue, you reply quickly, if it's complicated, I have to wait you reply quickly to the simpler ones (and make yourself nice to more customers) so that you can investigate my one! What you have to do is investigate MY ONE even if it's more complicated, and the other simpler ones will wait. And that means that maybe you need more support staff, instead of slowing down the issues you actually need to look into.

Also, talking about the ticket, your support guy CHANGED A FOLDER NAME of my website without knowing what he was doing. I understand you obviously cannot know everything, in this case Opencart, and that's fine (that is development and is on me). But changing a folder and not even understanding what happened next, and saying it's solved...that's UNPROFESSIONAL.

If my website was LIVE it would be now not working, all customers unable to buy, and every few minutes this way is for us a potential hundreds of pounds loss. Is you or your support guy responsible for this?

I expect a good support to know what they're doing, not guessing, and asking me before doing any modification, in particular if they think they solved and that shows they did not really test the solution or even worse they did not dedicate proper time READING the ticket (I see I'm not the only complaining about support not really reading tickets).

Appalling experience, as I said I'm with you since several years with another VPS, and it shows CLEARLY you got way too many customers for your actual support power, and both response time, and quality of support, was top notch and now is at levels like Hostgator (and that's not a compliment).

I hope this is just an isolated case, I speak this way because your service used to be top of the line, and I'm worried now that I moved a high availability service to you, that top quality service is not there anymore and you became like any other big hosting company.

We've already moved this ticket to our escalated department and I've got our QA manager reviewing this as well as addressing your issues.

I can assure you we are neither overloaded for our support power nor getting anywhere near HostGator levels. This will be thoroughly investigated and corrected.
Thank you Daniel,

I just want to know you're always the same company I used to know, caring about each customer and with short response times and kind and highly technical support team.

Because otherwise being impossible to contact you quickly via chat or telephone is something that can put off existing or new customers, if not matched by fast (and 30 minutes is very long from fast) and proper email support.
As an update to this issue, my ticket got handed to Amos of QA and there I found again the highly skilled support I got used to by KH.

The problem was a weird 'behaviour' of Apache 2.4 with Auth and Rewrite, and being a blurry line between development and configuration, Amos arrived to the root of the problem and told me what was causing it, and suggested I should solve it on my own as 'development'.

The elements of his testings (on a test server he prepared) were enough for me to look online with some more information and details, and I arrived to solution and solved the problem (hopefully it will be useful for others in the future as I suggested to add it to Knowledge Base).

I hoped was not needed to be escalated to QA to obtain a $100/month worth support, but I hope it was just an unfortunate case. Thanks anyway to Amos for going the extra mile to help me solving the issue in a very professional way.