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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by onelove, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. onelove

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    Dear Friends,

    Recently I received an email from sales (Helen, I think) asking if I have any suggestions regarding the service of Knownhost (which was a unexpected though welcomed surprise. I have never experienced a web hosting company taking the time to send an email like that, in the last 6 years of hosting with various providers).

    A suggestion just came to mind.

    With the vps account Knownhost offers, the client is given the freedom (almost) of a dedicated server. This is a great benefit of VPS accounts. However for a newbie server administrator, some simple sys admin tasks are not so simple.

    My suggestion is that Knownhost provide a section in the knowledgebase or forum that deals specifically with how to administor your vps account. Some suggested important topics would be...

    1) Server security. How to harden your vps account and make it hacker proof.
    2) Server performance. How to get peak performance out of your vps account
    3) Server backup policy. How to implement a fool proof backup policy for your vps account

    Maybe we could start of a topic for each of these aspects of managing a VPS and have the community offer their suggestions and measures taken to keep their vps in top nick. The Knownhost team could then come in and offer their suggestions, with links to resources or even their own step by step tutorials.

    Overall, I am extremely content with my descision to move here and I appreciate the care shown in the responses from techsupport. Looking forward to a long stay here.
  2. Leomania

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    onelove, I agree whole-heartedly. I'm building my own knowledgebase on security as I go along, and while I feel I have done enough short-term I'd sure like to quit re-inventing the wheel like I'm surely doing now. My guess is that KnownHost would like to see the forums reach critical mass, so customers can find the answers to their questions with a quick search and reduce the load on the support team. This would certainly go a long way towards that goal.

    My $0.02.

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