Stuck at updating dns, A record?

Brooke Lustig

New Member
Hi everyone, just recently moved to known host vps account and we are currently stuck with the migration process at updating the name server. Our domain is registered with name cheap, I registered the name server with name cheap, updated it the dns. I thought that was it but I apparently I have to create an A record. So with name cheap I have to transfer the dns back to them and then redo the whole process starting with the A record I'm I correct? Also what do I input in this form, is it only ip or is ip and url? Have been trying to find a tutorial but no luck, any advice would be much appreciated.
Hi Brooke,

I just replied to your WHT post as well. Are these name servers your default name servers or are they new ones you created?

If they are the default ones, then the A records should already be created on your VPS.

DNS A records are simply records that point to an IP address.
I have been going on 4 days with my migration as well. I have an enom reseller account, and simply just pointed my domain to my name servers that were created with the account.