Strange issue with extra account and hostname


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So, I thought about separating some sites into multiple accounts, create one with admin permissions with a new domain and created its hostname.

Under this account I created another user account to host some sites. I moved a wordpress site from a shared environment.

Now, if I'm under one of my internet connections -cable-, the site takes up to a minute to load a single page. But if I use DSL the page loads better, not supper fast, but in less than 4-8 seconds.

Tested my site with and everywhere in the world seems to be loading fine, but there is no data about Mexico.

So, don't know if this is a problem because i'm using another hostname coming from the same IP address and sites -those under it load fine, wordpress, joomla and vbulletin sites, doesn't matter if it is cable or dsl-.

I don't understand why this site loads that slow and the other ones, same IP, same connection, but different WHM account and hostname work that different.

Is there something I can do to tune-up my second hostname to work as fast as the main one?

Should I contact my cable ISP? If so, what am I supposed to ask them? :eek:

Hope i was able to express myself correctly, thanks! :D
Hi myuption,

So you are saying that you created a reseller and then created this account under that reseller and it is running slowly? And others created under that reseller run fine?

Were they all accounts that you moved from another host? It is possible that DNS propagation is not completely done yet although it is very odd that some would work fine and not others.

Feel free to PM me the domain name if you would like and I can see how it loads here and do a traceroute just for another pair of eyes on it :)
Certainly, as you say i created a reseller and then an account under that reseller. That's where I placed this site

The site has been up for several weeks, right away I opened a ticket but support said that the site loads fine.

Haven't tried adding an extra site, might be good idea to see what happens. Will give it a try later.

The sites that load fast and stable are the ones under my main account.

Thanks Dan
Hi myuption,

I just connected and pages loaded just fine. A traceroute resolved to the correct server as well.

If you do a traceroute from where you are having trouble that could tell you whether it's a network problem or not, you should see the second to last hop being your node number in the TX datacenter.
Well, did a traceroute it didn't show any errors. I added a joomla site and tried installing, it took a lot to be able to connect. Once installed it's the same behavior.

Then called my ISP, they made me do a lot of tests just to tell me they are not blocking or filtering -they do, but they won't say-. In the end they asked me for my domain and server ip, As of today, the same slow connection happens.

Guess I'll have to stack up my sites on the main account, and guess I won't be able to resell some space and bandwidth. :(
Hi my uption,

You can sell individual webspace rather than selling a chunk to someone else that is going to resell it. I'm not even so sure you can't sell to a reseller since so far you're the only one having the problem which does not necessarily mean that they will ;)
Yeah, might be only myself, thanks Dan, still, will see if there is something strange under my second webhost.