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    I created a new account and did an install of a new WordPress website a couple months ago. I'm just using one of the built-in themes and haven't added any plugins. Other than that, it just has 5 email accounts. I really didn't think anyone would even know it was there since it was a new domain.

    After installing, I immediately did a full backup through CPanel (directory, SQL database and email forwarders) and the size of the backup was around 30MB. Well, after a month or so, I decided to back it up again and the size of the install had increased to 150MB. Though nothing appears different with the website at the moment, I am assuming something has been compromised.

    What would be the best route at this point? I would just like to recover the initial install backup. If I do a full recovery from those initial backups, won't it just overwrite the files that should be there, but leave any hacker/injected files as is? Should I delete everything in the account and then recover using the backup? If so, I am assuming this would best be done through a support ticket rather than Filezilla?
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    This doesn't necessarily mean anything has been compromised. If you open a support ticket we can help locate what's using the space and it very easily could be an error log or similar. I'd recommend opening a ticket and letting us help you find the files eating the space.
  3. Crunchy

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    Will do. Thanks.
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    Check your comments. Spamming WP sites with comments is real popular.
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    Indeed, check that, since i have seen some clients with thousands or even 100.000+spam comments...

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