Storage, Back Ups and some general questions and looking for knowledge


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Hiya folks this might get a bit long winded, bear with me please.

I've been with Knownhost for quite some time now and I have some questions about my situation.

I have a VPS-2 that I am paying for and I've been on that plan since about 2014 or so I believe. I only use it to run 1 or 2 MySQL databases 1 of which is about 6 gigs in size and it has a Xenforo Forum that I've been running with about 50 friends for about a decade now.

So I have the forum with a pretty big database and about 2 gigs of actual files associated with it. Then I have about ten gigs of storage tied up in personal stuff. And I also do some amateur Webdev tinkering on the server.

I have always just done manual backups every few weeks of my forum but I'm getting ready to upgrade us to Xenforo 2.0 and with that thought I've been wanting to instate weekly backups or even daily backups of the forum.

So I logged into WHM and setup the backup to backup every other day and I thought I set it to override the old backup when it does that.

Cue the first time it ran the backup I ran out of space and broke the server temporarily. What did I do wrong that it used up so much space to do a backup? Should I consider backups to a separate server or company?

I've done some amateur digging and I think I'm using about 29 gigs but I'm not sure where exactly it's all being used.

As a follow up, I know the VPS-2 have been kind of left behind I believe, I'm paying like $99/ 3 months for it. Is there something else out there I should maybe consider?

So some help and advice would be much appreciated.

TLDR: Run a Xenforo forum with big DB, turned on backups in WHM, keep running out of space, how to setup backups correctly and how to find exactly where space is going? And is there a better bang for my buck than the VPS-2 I'm on?
I have setup a AWS S3 account to store my cpanel backups and have the backups removed from my server. i've never had an issue with space related to backups being generated.
Easy as ... just make triply sure that the s3 bucket is set to deny all access except with the access key or someone could download the backups!
I've been using AutoMySQLBackup for years, lot of option that should fit any needs. It will even encrypt them.

I have it set to create daily backup with the week old backup rotated out, weekly backups rotated out after 5 weeks and monthly backups rotated every month. That's just what sits on the server. I have a lot of free space so it works for me.

Locally I have windows scheduler call a WinSCP script nightly that syncs the daily and weekly folders, the monthly folder is not synced but instead just downloads new copies.